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I love you. Rest in peace my best friend. I will never forget you and I will fulfill our promise.

Edit 14th April : Happy Birthday.
Aujourd'hui, il a fait beau sur toute la France. J'sais pourquoi. Parce que c'est ton anniversaire, et que même si t'es plus là, ça n'empêchera pas que cette journée restera lumineuse. Car c'est TA journée. :)

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Tuesday, 8.49pm, my dog died.

It may be stupid for some people, but I want to tell how much it was difficult. We had choice ; surgery, or euthanasia. My parents and I talked about this when the doctor said Twist has a "twisted stomach" (kind of ironic... Twist and twisted stomach, haha...). It was very painfull for him. Because he was a little dog, a westie, the surgery wasn't fit for him, so we had to make a choice about his life. He stayed in my arms all the time, I couldn't let him go. I didn't cry much 'cause I didn't want him to feel worried. My parents couldn't stop crying, they weren't prepared for that ; first, I thought I was heartless, but they told my I was very brave and I was probably the best support I gave to my dog -and them. I just smiled when the veterinarian said it was over. I was glad he wasn't suffering anymore.

But now, I can't stop myself thinking about him. How much I miss him. I still cannot cry in front of my family (I don't know why) but when I'm alone, I just let my feelings go. I want you all to treasure your pets, because when they're gone, we don't really know if they were happy with us, if they loved us as much as we did. Don't get angry on them too often. Before he died, I yelled at Twist because he was licking my hands, crying and barking while I was playing Sengoku Basara. I sent him out, in the garden, telling him how annoying he could be sometimes. Two hours later, he died. He was 14. I loved him. He was my little brother since I was 8. My first pet, my best friend when I felt lonely, and the biggest rival for my ex-boyfriend. I loved to play with him. Four days ago, he was still chasing cats and I laughed when he came back disappointed. His death was very sudden and I think we did the right choice for him...

Never forget to love them. They're part of your family. Really. <3

You can find some information about this medical condition :… ENG / FR
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I'm just bored.